let’s talk about weaknesses!

Already in the pre-Christmas stress? Or generally at the end of your tether again? You don't dare to say that you haven't managed a certain task yet or that you are overwhelmed with it?
But what if you weren't afraid to show your weaknesses? In your studies but also in your circle of friends? What role does weakness play in our (growth-oriented) society and where do you feel weak?
In a decelerated and stress-free round at the fireplace with tea and speculoos we want to sit down this Friday, 16.12. at 7 pm in the Ifeu (Belvederer Allee 5) and philosophize together, exchange ideas and think about where we can be weak, where not and where we are maybe just too hard with ourselves and our fellow men, so that weaknesses are no longer taboo!
We look forward to your coming and your thoughts on the subject. Let's be weak together!