About us

Welcome to the fireplace! Feel like chatting?
We are the fireside chats. For the university, we want to be a conversation format and promote and advance discourse. What does that mean? For all the topics that are relevant to us students, we want to create a platform for discussion and offer you the opportunity to get informed and talk to each other. The issues can be small or big, they can concern the renovation of the Mensa or the big world politics. Our formats such as impulse lectures, speakers corners or picnic rounds in the park are changeable and diverse.

We are happy to bring in experts from the university or other contexts to provide a sound basis for discussion. In the future, we would like to take on a stronger moderating function for you and the other initiatives, take up current issues from the study programs and discuss them across the faculties.

And we are looking for you!
Above all, we are looking for you across all faculties. A broad OrgaTeam with people from different courses of study is one of the most important prerequisites for us, because only in this way can we work out and identify topics that are important for a broad student body. So please contact us if you can imagine to participate and to shape the discourse at our university.

Your team from the Fireplace.

Discourse during Corona? We have also noticed that this is not so easy without personal contact, especially after a day full of online teaching. We would like to test ourselves further here and see what is replaceable and what is not. So stay tuned for what's coming up in the near future!

Is there a topic that interests you? Then let us know here: https://m18.uni-weimar.de/pad/p/Kamingespraeche_Themenvorschlaege_oeff