a collection of material to get informed and to rethink certain beliefs

If you checked your social media accounts or read the newspapers in the past few weeks, you immediately noticed the Black Lives Matter (BLM) issue almost everywhere. It was present, whether through hashtags, statements or simply a black picture.

The trigger for this and especially for the worldwide protests was the murder of George Floyd, who was brutally pressed to the ground by a policeman with his knee and therefore could not breathe. Since his death, the issue of racism and police violence has received a lot of attention, especially on social media.

People shared websites, podcasts or literature everywhere to draw attention to racism and white supremacy. We do not want to remain silent either, but we do not feel like we’re able to write our own statement, as we ourselves have never experienced such racism in any form. Nevertheless, we want to create a collection of sources where we can all learn about these topics and start to rethink.

We are always happy to receive further recommendations on this topic in order to constantly expand and improve this collection.


There is a lot of good literature that addresses the issue of anti-racism, most of which is about explaining how strongly racism is embedded in all of us and in our society. Racism is not just a problem in the USA or a phenomenon from the right, but a fundamental structural problem. It is important to question oneself, to rethink our beliefs, to become aware of one's own privileges and to deal with the issue - especially as a white person!

Audre Lorde - Silence will not protect you

Reni Eddo-Lodge - Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race

German Literature:

Mohammed Amjahid – Unter Weißen

Fatma Aydemir, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah (Hg.) – Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum

Alice Hasters – Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen, aber wissen sollten (currently available as an audio book on Spotify)

Tupoka Ogette - Exit Racism (also available as an audio book on Spotify)

Noah Sow – Deutschland Schwarz Weiß

Kübra Gümüşay – Sprache und Sein

Newspaper articles

Why there is no racism against whites:

Why people should NOT use the hashtag AllLivesMatter:

A call to action from TAZ, for more activism:!5687735/

A historical insight into racism in Germany over the past decades, reasons and developments, how it has shaped our society to this day or how little it has changed:


Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, among others

About race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

German Podcasts:

Tupodcast by Tupoka Ogette

Halbe Kartoffl

Inspiring people on social media for daily input

Tupoka Ogetta

Aminata Touré: Vice-President of the Landtag Schleswig-Holstein

And otherwise

Read, listen, talk, discuss - talk to friends and acquaintances about everyday racism and don’t remain silent.

Language can also question and change racist structures. Take a look at this glossary with alternative terms and formulation aids (perhaps interesting in an university context and scientific writing):

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